Welcome to the Sweet Life!

Welcome to the Sweet Life!

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Peaches and (Ice) Creme

I got fresh, organic, local ontario peaches yesterday and man are they delicious!!

I enjoyed a bowl of non-dairy ice creme with sliced peaches and raspberries as a bedtime snack.

I'm tempted to have it again tonight...I don't see why not, I have plenty peaches and just opened the ice creme tub.

Have a sweet day!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Long Weekend - Cottage, Farm and Food

When this is the scenery I don't mind where I am.

Luckily I was on my way up to a friends cottage for a couple days so the drive prepared me for a relaxing stay, and immediately put me in a zen state.

I really didn't prepare much or pack much, I kind of just threw some stuff together and went with it. I even forgot my camera which surprisingly didn't disappoint me too much, instead I took some pics with my trusty Blackberry - It doesn't compare to the Nikon but I said "oh well maybe next time" and enjoyed myself anyway.

We visited a farm in Bracebridge where we saw:

A donkey

Billy Goats



and this cow, ain't she a beauty?
Well let me tell you about this sweet cow, I crouched down beside her to take a photo and she knocked me over - yes she did. And then she stepped over me. It was a hilarious scene but I have no idea why she did that, but I thought she was adorable so I didn't mind :)

And this Billy Goat was the cutest thing, when we walked away he cried for us to come back - watch this cute clip - so adorable, we didn't want to leave him!

After seeing the animals we stopped at a health food store that had a whole mix of vegan dishes for lunch. The food was really good and I had a hard time choosing but got some falafels, spicy ginger cashew rice, coconut curry and some tofu cubes. My friend had an equally delicious meal.

Kale chips are next to impossible to find in Muskoka, how do I know? Because we drove to 5 stores looking for them but only 1 store usually has them (where we had our lunch) but was sold out. C'mon Muskoka, people are craving those chips! Thankfully I had brought from home but we inhaled ate them so fast the previous night we could've eaten bags of them! We also hydrated ourselves with kombucha, and coconut water (not at the same time, that would just be gross).

My favourite kale chips right now - Sour Cream & Hemp.

I was so relaxed, spent some time in the summer sun, went canoeing and enjoyed the view.

I had to work this weekend as well so when I got back I made this pizza for dinner with garden veggies - peppers, tomatoes (traded with a neighbour for them), zucchini plus from the fridge, onion, and daiya cheese (on half). It was really good with and without the "cheese". Now I have left overs for work tomorrow :)

 Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and hot weather.
How did you celebrate?