Welcome to the Sweet Life!

Welcome to the Sweet Life!

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About Me

Welcome to the Sweet Life! This is a space for me to share with you the ever evolving mix of things I love that are kind to our bodies, animals and the earth.

This is me:

I'm a 26 year old living in the Toronto area (Mississauga) trying to figure out life, and having fun along the way!

My story:
I first went vegetarian in the summer of 2007, when I was challenged to do/give up something for 21 days. I didn't know what to change since I didn't smoke or drink, but I did eat quite a bit of meat so I thought I would try being a vegetarian since that is something that would challenge me. I'll admit, at first it was hard to plan meals that were different from what I was used to, and it took a bit of work to find new things to eat. When you are raised on meat and haven't given much thought about what you are putting in your mouth and how it will affect you, it can seem difficult to open your mind to something new. I was up for the challenge and quickly realized you are what you eat when I started losing weight and feeling better. 

When I was done the 3 week challenge I felt so good, I felt somehow lighter, full of energy, my skin was clearer than ever and all around I felt better about the choices that I was making. There were so many vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds that I had never experienced before (hello kale, rapini, pomegranate, cacao) and I introduced so many new things to my kitchen that the meal possibilities seemed endless. In the summer of 2009 I said bye-bye to dairy and became a full fledged vegan. I choose a plant-based diet because it has so many benefits for not only myself, but it has a lighter impact on the environment, and also because I feel that animals are our friends, and are not here to be used for our food, clothing or entertainment.

For 2012 I have some new goals:
• Running - last year I was running 5-8kms every other day,  and I'm working on getting back into that routine by April 1st. 
• Run a 5k or 10k race. I have my sights set on the May 6th Goodlife 5km, just need to register :s 
• Continue studying - I'm currently a student at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, part time and have just started a continuing education course on Iridology.

I have a background in Marketing/Advertising and event planning, and in 2011 I left a full time job (after 6 years in the marketing industry!) to pursue my passion - nutrition. When I complete my program in 2013 and receive my CNP designation I hope to consult others, helping them to reach optimal health.

You may have ended up here because we have similar interests, or are curious about alternate lifestyle choices so feel free to comment, I'd love to hear from you about your thoughts and suggestions on products and recipes. 

Have a sweet day!