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Welcome to the Sweet Life!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

St Jacobs Market

Nestled in Waterloo Ontario you will find St Jacobs County, where Canada's largest year-round farmers market can be found. It is open twice a week and there are hundreds of vendors, selling almost anything you can imagine. We went into the Main Market Building and the Outdoor Market

I headed there with a friend Thursday morning, and it wasn't busy when we got there at 8AM but when we left about an hour later there were quite a lot of people shopping. I'm not much of a fan for crowds so we waddled back to the car (2nd trip to unload) with all this stuff!  (minus the strawberries, we picked those ourselves at a nearby farm!) 

We got: snap peas, cherries, zucchini, garlic hummus, potato & chive bread, peaches, apples, nacho chips and dairy-free & gluten free muffins.

Check out the Crispin apples - we bought and split a half bushel, but they are HUGE, compared to a standard Macintosh I had at home.

And some shots of the Market


On the way back to the highway we stopped at a farm to pick our own strawberries!
I love the smell of strawberry fields, so sweet and summery. 2 people, 4 hands, 30 mins and a red knee stain - mission accomplished!

Have you ever been to St Jacobs Market? 
What's your favourite thing to buy at a farmer's market?

Have a sweet day!


  1. HOLY apple!!

    I've always wanted to go to that market! My best friend lives out there, so I'll make her take me. ;)

  2. The strawberries look AMAZING!
    Looking forward to reading some more recipes from you - All the best, Caitlyn :)